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New to blogging

Hi folks,
We are new to blogging and found that a guest post turns up as a draft and then we have to copy and paste to post it.
We hope you will make comments, about the books or just to let us know you are interested in the blog.
If you wish to post a book review, please email us and we can set things up to add you as a blog team author.
We are happy to accept comments from all over, but will limit the authors to library card holders of the Muhlenberg County Public Libraries.

The Heir by John Robertson

Want to be a billionaire. What if you suddenly inherited millions of dollars from your estranged father? This happens to Jason in The Heir, by John Robertson. Jason, his wife and his brother have lived a life of ease on a large monthly allowance from their father, but when dies unexpectedly in an automobile accident, Jason is the heir to the whole kingdom built of politics, intimidation, and corruption. The agreement had always been that the estate would go to his father’s charitable foundation. Why did he change his mind? Who is so upset by this that they might want to murder Jason? How does one cope with the public spotlight of being one of the richest men in the country? Can a marriage survive based on money alone? This is an intriguing premise for a novel published by a publisher of Christian fiction, although The Heir vaguely alludes to Christianity by the only Christian character in the entire book near the final denouement.
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Things I’ve Said, but Probably Shouldn’t Have

Bruce Dern has worked with practically every iconic actor and director in the last fifty years, and he’s not afraid to say what he thinks about all of them. His career has run the gamut from B movies to Z movies to becoming an Oscar nominee, and he’s created some of the most indelible performances in modern cinema. Now, in this uniquely funny memoir, he looks back over his amazing career, telling one memorable story after another and giving key insights into how placing artistic challenge over career development has kept one of Hollywood’s greatest actors from also being one of its most rich and famous. Things I’ve Said, but Probably Shouldn’t Have is a wild ride as compelling as the many roles Bruce Dern has played in his long and adventurous run on stage and on screen.

Tumbling Blocks – it’s a mystery summer

Get a clue @your library! our summer reading program is officially underway. Adults are invited to join in this year, so sign up and log your reading for fun and prizes.

If you like the mystery theme, here is a new book to consider.

Tumbling Blocks, a Benni Harper mystery by Earlene Fowler is fresh off the press and adds the element of humor to a mystery about quilts and museums. Wife of a police chief, Benni Harper Oritz, who is a folk art museum curator, deals with mother-in-law stress, the city’s upper crust ladies’ society and lots of other details while she investigates the death of her friend Pinky. That’s all the detail you will get from me – remember as you write reviews not to tell the plot, so many on Amazon forget that readers want to read it for themselves.

Please tell enough to get them interested – not enough to give it away – especially this summer of mysteries. You can also visit the author if you want to read more.

MCPL Reader’s Roost

Hi folks,
This is Muhlenberg County Public Libraries’ newest technology attempt to share information with our patrons. We will share information about new books, staff reviews and encourage you to join us in reviewing your favorite titles that others might wish to read or alerting the public when big city or tv advertising has made a book sound much better than it really is.

We ask you as we start this endeavor to help us keep it on a positive note!

Donna and Eddie