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It’s All About Him!

00034242-900408_200.jpgIt’s All About Him: Finding the Love of My Life by Denise Jackson and Ellen Vaughn, released in July 2007 is awesome. The best book I have read this summer and yes I loved Harry Potter but that is fantasy and this is real. Denise tells her story and it is wonderful. You feel like you are sitting in her living room listening to her tell the most romantic story in the world and listening to her Christian witness at the same time. Enough said. I have already bought one for a gift and I have not finished it yet. Check it out, both libraries have a copy, but be prepared to wait because I am sure there is a list!
Donna F. Slaton ~Miss Pockets


Walking on Eggshells for parents of grown children

Hello MCPL readers! I am at that stage in life where my kids are smarter, faster and can do more than me, on any given day. I am a mother with a nest that is not empty but is past me…so when I saw this new book at the library, I had to give it a try. Walking on Eggshells: Navigating the Delicate Relationship Between Adult Children and Parents by Jane Isay.

The advice she gives is give no advice, they don’t want it, won’t take it and even if you are right later, does not matter if you save them from a fate such as alcohol dependency or a bad relationship, whatever goes wrong after that is your fault. Sad, but I can testify, it is basically true. Reading through helped me understand a little better that our kids just want us to listen when they complain, not help, not fix it, not suggest, just listen. Hard for parents who want to prevent their child – no matter how old from being hurt. But, examples in this book and in my own life right now are clear. Listen more and talk less is the only way to keep them close.
A good read to calm yourself down through family difficulties. Not new info just presented in a good way. dfs

Muhlenberg county patron and former librarian blogs on bookgoddess51

I have been recruiting help to spice up this blog so it is not all the books I read. Help came today, our site will show Patron Links and if you would like to start your own blog, we will feature you here with referrals. To launch your own blog is fairly easy and free, so, if you do a blog yourself, post it here so we can send you help (and maybe coupons or not)

Bookgoddess51 is our own Ann Page, married to Eddie Page who does our outreach delivery person for homebound and has the added duties this year for the care and indexing of the Bryson Studios photo negatives that were donated by Greg Lamb. Ann is a former Central City librarian with avid interest in reading and traveling. Check out her new blog: Suspense anyone?