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Romance and light reading

Hi folks, sorry I have not kept this page current. I have been busy reading for the teen space and preparing for the October season of Halloween stories.

Picked up a little Harlequin Romance in the larger print version to share with an elderly friend and ended up reading it myself.

The Muhlenberg County Public Libraries provide lots of hardback and paperback titles in larger print and one of the newest is Rancher and Protector by Judy Christenberry. Harlequin Romances can be found in Large Print, regular fiction and on the free trader racks at either location Central City or Harbin Memorial. They are handy for reading in hospitals, waiting rooms, and on the go. Many people think they are “too light” to read but I have found that many cover everyday living issues in real ways that help people empathize with others or help one deal with a difficult situation of their own.

Rancher and Protector is about a young woman whose father died and he did not leave her the ranch, but had been in the process of selling it –because like many men, he did not think his daughter should own a ranch. She of course, to set the stage for the romance, does not want to sell. In comes the handsome single man who had made arrangements with her father to buy it and sparks fly, romance ensues, and there is hope of a happily ever after. More than half way though the book, I am enjoying the romance, the ranch setting and the background characters in this well-written story. I depend on Harlequin to give me a happily ever after so I know what to expect. And I still enjoy the trip! Spending time in doctor’s offices and waiting for relatives, I find that reading a guaranteed happy ending is a great stress reliever.

Find a book you enjoy soon and relieve some stress in your life!

Donna~Miss Pockets