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Invasive Procedures by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston

n227236.jpgScience Fiction author Orson Scott Card‘s Malpractice, originally written as a short story in 1977, was turned into a movie script by screenwriter Aaron Johnston. Although the film was never produced, Card and Johnston recently teamed to pen Invasive Procedures, an original novel based on the script.
The story revolves around V16, a virus created by geneticist George Galen which he hopes will cure many genetic diseases. It does prove effective on those that it’s intended for; however, if anyone else is exposed it leads to a gruesome death. Galen’s maverick practices have put him at odds with the national science community; he has allied himself with a religious sect known as the Healers to help further his work. They begin running experiments on the homeless community, with or without their consent. The virus eventually makes it into the wild, several deaths follow, which leads a federal biohazard agency, along with virologist Lt. Col. Frank Hartman, to launch an investigation.
The fast-paced book grows more intriguing with each page turn; most will find this one difficult to put down.The book is far from the extreme Science Fiction that Card‘s readers often expect. However, if you enjoy medical thrillers with an edge, you’d do well to try this one out.
– Wesley

Blue Heaven by C.J. Box

box-blue-heaven.jpgBlue Heaven by C.J. Box is a suspenseful thriller set in northern Idaho. William and Annie Taylor witness a gruesome murder and are being perused by retired California cops that now live in the area. As the story evolves, so does another plot to the story. Set in a 48-hour timespan, Blue Heaven delivers suprising twists and turns until the very last page. C.J. Box is a new author for me. I enjoy the book even though it was rather violent in nature and had bad language I can do without.

– Kay

Here are additional comments on the author from Anniesse.

C.J. Box’s earlier books feature game warden Joe Pickett in Wyoming. They are quite engrossing as the reader follows Joe’s life in several novels. As Kay mentions, with his new novel and new main characters, the violence is quite graphic and the language a little strong.