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Cover Art & Plot Description for Merciless by Robin Parrish


Robin Parrish has officially released the cover art and plot description for Merciless, the third and final chapter in his Dominion trilogy. 

I’ve placed the plot description behind a MORE tag as a favor to those who’ve yet to read the first two books. Merciless releases this July.

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The Well and the Mine by Gin Phillips


The Well and the Mine is a very good debut novel by Gin Phillips. Set in the coal-mining country of rural Alabama during the Depression era, the many voices of the Moore family depict a life of poverty, racial tensions and backbreaking work in the dangerous coal mines. Among the hardships and triumphs of family life looms a mystery, forcing the family to face the darker side of the community – who threw the baby in the Moore’s well and why? Very, very good book with a southern flavor.

I’ve read two first time authors, with two very different styles of writing, two great books within the past two months. There are still some good books out there without raw language and explicit sex and I was lucky enough to find two of them.


New Music @ Muhlenberg County Public Libraries

We’ve recently updated our music collection to include lots of new and classic albums. Please click here to see a list of some of our current additions sorted by musical genre. Be sure to stop by both our Central City and Greenville locations and browse our music racks often … you might find your new favorite band!

Robin Parrish Interview

Author Robin Parrish was kind enough to talk with me a bit about the first two books in his Dominion Trilogy series, Fearless and Relentless. He also mentions what to expect in the third installment. Both of Parrish’s books are available at the Muhlenberg County Public Library.

Wes: Give us a bit of background on yourself along with your biggest inspirations as a writer.

Robin: I’m a 32 year old professional novelist from High Point, North Carolina. Married to a wonderful wife Karen, and at the time of this interview, we are expecting our first child any day now! We know he’s a boy, and we’re naming him Evan. Continue reading

Obedience by Will Lavender

Obedience, by Will Lavender, is a first novel by a Lexington, Ky., resident. Set in the fictional college/university of Winchester in Indiana, the plot revolves around the mysterious “Professor” Williams’ assignment to his logic and reasoning class to find a young woman in six weeks or she will be murdered. The style bounces from the thoughts of one student, to another, to another. Although, I’ve only just begun the novel, it is definitely different from the usual popular novels. I think I will enjoy it because of its “differentness”, although I don’t appreciate the stereotypical casting of the one student from Kentucky or the name Williams being used for the Professor. The only patron I know who has read it did notn care for it. How about trying it for yourself?

Miscarriage of Justice by Kip Gayden

51pientuc3l_ss500_.jpgMiscarriage of Justice is the powerful debut novel by Kip Gayden, Circuit Court Judge in Nashville, TN. The story revolves around Dr. Walter Dotson and his wife Anna. With her marriage becoming devoid of passion, Charlie Cobb enters Anna’s world offering her understanding, romance and delivery from the emptiness she has felt for some time. This attraction between Charlie and Anna eventually destroys both of their families. Anna’s betrayal leads to a public murder, a killer’s confession, a riveting trial and a shocking, unimaginable verdict. Base on a real 1913 tragic murder case that was reported in three Nashville newspapers of which the actual text appears. Very, very good book.