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Third Degree by Greg Iles

Greg Iles’ Third Degree is a page-turning suspense thriller about a day in the marriage of Dr. Warren Shields and his wife of 12 years, Laurel. Laurel is pregnant, but is the father her husband or her lover? When the doctor suspects his wife has betrayed him, he holds her hostage in their home. Laurel tries to keep her secrets hidden, but as time passes the reader discovers Dr. Shields has secrets of his own.

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Susan Wiggs

Susan Wiggs is a popular author for light reading pleasure. Her most recent paperbacks have been in the Lakeshore Chronicles series. These include Lakeshore Cottage (2005), Summer at Willow Lake (2006), Dockside (2007), Winter Lodge (2007), and Snowfall at Willow Lake (2008). These have all been quite popular with library patrons. Sharon just finished Snowfall at Willow Lake and gives a brief summary and opinion: Sophie is a lawyer who helps people in countries at war. She becomes a hostage and has regrets about her home and family. She goes back home to fix the problems with her family. Into her life comes the local veterinarian who has the touch with 4 legged animals but not women, until he meets Sophie. Not my favorite from the Lakeshore Chronicles (drags a little), but I still enjoyed reading about Sophie & Noah.