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The Letters by Luanne Rice and Joseph Monninger

Many novels in the past few years use letters as a storytelling medium. Luanne Rice and Joseph Monninger have joined to write The Letters telling the story of Sam and Hadley as their marriage ends. Following the death of their son in a plane crash in Alaska, they were unable to cope together with their grief. Sam finally sets off to Alaska to visit the site of Paul’s death. Hadley just wants out and moves to an island off the coast of Maine and resumes her painting vocation. In a series of letters from one frozen part of the world to another, they reminisce (and in Hadley’s case, argue). Can the tenderness be rekindled or will they go their separate ways? Can either find closure in the death of their beloved only son? This short work is heart-felt to the point of making the reader feel like an eavesdropper. Quite different from Rice’s normal style – my favorite being Home Fires. Monninger is a new author to me, although the jacket blurb says he has published nine novels and three works of non-fiction.