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Zoe Sharp

Zoe Sharp is a new thriller mystery author to me, although she’s been writing since she was teenager. Her official writing career took off in 2001. The library didn’t pick her up as an author until this year. Sharp is British, but has done an excellent job of bringing Charlie Fox, her heroine to America. In First Drop, Charlie and Sean are in Florida serving as bodyguards (or close protection) to a computer software innovator and his son. Charlie and the teen boy are soon on their own and being pursued on several fronts – by police, company employees, and total unknowns. The action is non-stop, very violent, but it keeps your attention. Charlie has to kill or be killed or have her charge be killed. Her teen charge and his friends are at first fascinated with Charlie and the world of killers, but this soon alternates with terror. In Second Shot, Charlie must once again go to America as a protector of a young woman and her 4 year old daughter after she has won an enormous lottery and is searching for her father whom she hasn’t seen since she was a young child. A third trip to America is due in Summer 2008 in Third Strike. It is not necessary to have read the first three Charlie Fox novels to follow these newer volumes. Sharp is an excellent writer. Her use of the term a “rake” of something is disconcerting – it must be a “British” term for a “rack” of something.


The Face by Angela Hunt

The Face, by Angela Hunt, is the first book by this prolific writer for me. I really liked it – couldn’t put it down. Sarah Sims is an orphan, being raised by Dr. Mewton, inside the CIA system. But when Sarah is in her twenties she finds out she has an aunt looking for her. Aunt Renee has started all the paperwork to get into the CIA system to find her niece. After waiting months, they finally meet. Then they find there are all sorts of secrets that have been hidden from them both.

— Marlene

Love Me if You Must by Nicole Young

Love Me If You Must, is a debut mystery series novel by Nicole Young. Series namesake Patricia Amble is a young woman who has seemingly gotten her life back on track after a past mistake. Patricia tries to keep this mistake hidden by her chosen profession – moving from town to town, buying historical homes, renovating them to their former beauty, selling them, and moving on. Her latest buy, however, turns out to be more than she bargained for. When a dead body is found in her basement, she finds herself being one of the main suspects. Between trying to prove her innocence, renovate the house, and having two attractive neighbors trying to win her affection, Patricia has to confront her past so she can finally move on to a hopeful future (not behind bars.)
— Rena