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Runner by Thomas Perry

Author Thomas Perry has returned after a several year hiatus with a new Jane Whitfield novel.
Runner brings Jane out of retirement and back into her old life. She had retired to settle down, marry her true love Dr. Carey McKinnon, and be a model doctor’s wife. In the middle of the marvelous fund raiser she had coordinated in the hospital’s cafeteria, a bomb is detonated and she finds herself confronted by a 20 year old pregnant girl who had been searching for Jane to help her. Thus began another run to escape someone trying to harm Chrissy. Jane maintains many identities and funds for these occasions. Perry’s books are very intense and fast-paced, and ordinarily I don’t like stories with this much violence. The character of Jane Whitfield is so well-drawn and dynamic that it overcomes my dislike of the violence. The Jane Whitfield novels should be read in order of their release.