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The Confederate General Rides North by Amanda C. Gable

confThe Confederate General Ride North, by Amanda C. Gable is the story of Kat McConnel, an eleve-year-old Civil War buff. When Kat learns that she and her mother are to travel from their home in Marietta, GA to Maine to buy antiques, Kat is thrilled. Kat charts their trip to take them to famous battlefields and historic sites in twhich she magines herself as a war general ridging her pony and leading her troops to battle. When their trip suddenly ends at Gettysburg, Kta is faced with a potential tragedy and a difficult decision to make. The Confederate General Rides North is a very good novel about the sometimes difficult relationship between mothers and daughters and the heartache of having to grow up too soon.



American Rebel by Marc Eliot

UntitledClint Eastwood spent all eight seasons as Rowdy Yates in TV’s popular western Rawhide and became one of the most popular TV cowboys of the late 1960s and early 1960s. His movies made him a household name worldwide. His directing and producing made him an Academy Award winner at the age of 60 plus. His film career meant a lot to him. Most critics did not take his movies seriously and some of the subjects were socially distasteful. In American Rebel, Marc Eliot examines Eastwood’s life and career with candor – his highs and lows, successes and failures. Married twice (his first marriage was a very unorthodox union, the father of seven (3 legitimate, 4 illegitimate) and nearing his 80th birthday, Eastwood has played strong, silent types on-screen for more than 50 years. He may have stared in his last movie (Gran Torino), but he has no plans to stop making films. A wonderful filmography, including television, is included (with release dates, all TV show appearances, date of first release, production/director credits, musical recordings, and a list of his awards).


A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick

UntitledA Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick is the dark tale of Ralph Truitt and Catherine Land. After living twenty years in solitude and remorse, after the death of his wife and daughter and the abandonment of his son, Truitt advertises for “a reliable wife” to share his life. Catherine Land leaves her worldly life behind to become Truitt’s wife, but with a sinister plan in mind. But, Truitt was no fool. The fact of her plan did not appall him as he thought it should. He wouldn’t stop her. He wouldn’t save himself. He had grown to love her and she wanted him dead. His son was forever lost to him and this was what he had lived twenty years of solitude for – to see what would happen, to see how it would all turn out. Complex and haunting with some unexpected turns, I can’t say that I liked the book, but wanted to know what would happen.


The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen by Teri Edwards and Serena Thompson

UntitledThe Farm Chicks in the Kitchen is the story of how two stay-at-home Moms created a successful business doing things they love: cooking and creating “treasures” from what others consider “plain junk.”

Their love of family and the simple life brought them together as friends and their unique abilities led to their thriving business. Their motto is: Live well, Laugh Often, and Cook Much.

This book is part biography, part cookbook with some of Teri and Serena’s thrifty craft projects thrown in.

– Rena