Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas

Prayers for Sale, by Sandra Dallas, continues her career as an excellent storyteller. Prayers is the story of Hennie Comfort and her life in a Colorado mountain gold mining camp during the early years of the 20th century. Told primarily through flashbacks as Hennie tells her stories to newcomer Nit Spindle. At one point in her life, Hennie declared jokingly to her husband that all her prayers had been answered so maybe she needs to start selling hers. Husband Jake makes her a sign and posts it in the yard. Hennie gladly prays for anyone who asks free of charge, but she has one burden on her heart that won’t go away. From the loss of her child, the loss of a husband, and loss of countless friends and neighbors, Hennie bounces back and helps those around her. Ever-busy Hennie and friends quilt and talk and help each other. Sandra Dallas is one of my favorite authors. She does not repeat characters nor connect her novels in any sequence, so the reader can pick up any one and be assured of a great read. My most favorite of her novels were The Persian Pickle Club and The Diary of Mattie Spenser. Others that are still quite enjoyable are The Chili Queen, Buster Midnight’s Café, Alice’s Tulip, and Tallgrass. New Mercies seemed to slip by me, because I don’t remember reading it at all. Give Sandra Dallas a try any time you need a novel about the enduring power of women’s friendship.

– Anniesse


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