Ancestor by Scott Sigler

It began as a free, serialized audio book podcast in September 2005. Then it was published by a small press in 2007 and reached #7 on the Amazon best seller list. Now it has been published by Random House with a Crown Publishing imprint. The reviewers hail it as the “new Jurassic Park”. Ancestor, by Scott Sigler, is a thriller (or in my opinion, a nerve-wrecker). Genetic modifications are being researched and tried by a variety of international companies. Where is the line between what is ethical and moral and what is not? There are millions of people waiting for organ transplants – every five minutes someone dies because an organ is not available. Genada is a fictional company owned by millionaire brothers Dante and Magnus. Their research team is made up of a German doctor, a Chinese computer and science genius suffering from manic-depression, a drunken scientist who does all the grunt work, an ex- military who lost his virologist wife because she was deliberately infected with an organ-wasting disease and was unable to find a donor. Fisher is with the government and is seeking to oversee all such research institutions and shut them down when they have “accidents” or “cross the line”. Dante and Magnus take their team undercover with a small band of specially trained flight team flying a mega-plane outfitted to mirror their former lab and hold all their surrogate mothers (cows). The “Ancestor” is genetically modified from DNA found throughout the world of ancient animals that no longer exist. The goal is to impregnate to cows to produce the ancestors as multiple organ donors. Change the word ancestor to monster and you can imagine what they created – a very hungry super strong creature which is over 200 pounds at birth and over 500 pounds after eating every living creature that crosses its path – including its mother, its fellow monster ancestors who are wounded, and any stray human they find. Set all this action on a 10 mile island out in Lake Michigan in the middle of subzero blizzard weather and you will find yourself an exhausted but hooked reader. The biggest drawbacks to the novel are the overly graphic description of the violence and the terrible, unacceptable for public use language used by all of the characters in the novel. It truly is a captivating novel, not for the faint of heart, and equal to Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones with the added problems of terribly cold temperatures. Give it a try. Check out the author’s web site for a photo of a sculpture of Baby McButter, furry, long fangs, yellow eyes and all.


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